Drawing in the mist



"1. Click here - 2. Click here - 3. Click here - 4. Repeat step 1."
Diagram to learn how to draw a curve.1

In various manuals, tutors have tried differents methods to guide pupils to think spatially about the abstraction relative to tangents.

To create a sense of fluidity in the digital drawing movement, tools like Illustrator invite users to first place anchor points and then an algorithm adds the handle that most likely follows. Fluidity is achieved at the price of outsourcing exactly one fourth of the drawing process from the user to the software. Otherwise said, the generation of the drawing has become a mysterious collaboration between tool and hand.

Is drawing curves like drawing in the mist?


Some book covers about past Illustrator versions from the library of the Arts numériques department at ENSAV La Cambre art school (Brussels)

  1. Beginning of a diagram to learn how to draw a curve. "Illustrator 8 sur Macintosh", Micro Applications, 1999